Aleph Hospitality is a pioneering third-party hotel management company, specialising in the operation of internationally recognised hotel brands across the Middle East and Africa.

Welcome to Aleph Hospitality, the first fully-fledged independent hotel management company in the Middle East and Africa.

As the leading independent third-party hotel management company in the Middle East and Africa, we work with and for owners to ensure that their hotels perform as well as possible. For owners with - or seeking- an international hotel brand, we ensure that they take full advantage of all the benefits that come with franchising an international hotel brand. For owners who prefer to have their own brand, we offer world-class, professional management services to ensure that your hotel can compete effectively in the market.

For hotel brands looking to grow their footprint in the Middle East and Africa, we help accelerate their expansion into new markets.

Our Expertise.

A full-service hotel management company.
We can assist you at any point from site selection through to construction and the ongoing operations of your hotel.

Trusted by the world's leading Hotel Brands .

Testimonials – Owners & Partners.

Get in touch for a discussion about how Aleph Hospitality
can help your business grow

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